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Originally Posted by 6 Haunted Days
I just recieved Chronata's Crow Stones and they are just wonderful!

As usual her packaging has sweet little touches everywhere, like a little crow drawn on the enevelop and the shiny bag the stones come in has a crow as well! My stones were a deep red, and the images are just adorable, and very detailed on such a small space (ever think of taking up minature painting Robyn? ). I love the small booklet, lots of fun spreads and lore. This is one of the best oracles I now have in my collection!

An added surprise and one that completely made my day was I spied an extra package tucked away, and what could that be? Why a copy of her All Hallows' Majors that was a printers mistake (just needs some trimming is all)!!! I was sooooo excited, she knows I am waiting for the full set to be so very sweet and generous of her {{{{{Robyn}}}}}}

Anyone else thinking of getting these, please do! Gorgeous craftmanship and love goes into her work.

Miss 6
Thanks to this thread (which I just discovered today!) and your glowing reviews, I have contacted Chronata about ordering a set.

They sound so fascinating to work with, and the pics convinced me.....I really love all of Chronata's creations, so naturally these are a MUST-have!

I look forward to hearing from Chronata and placing my order very soon!

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