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Universal Goddess Tarot - The Tower

Here is what the lwb says.

“XVI The Tower: self-importance, tyranny and ignorance sparked the battle and caused many deaths. I am here to feed on their pain. I am Morrigan, Celtic goddess of war and destruction.”

Justice spoke to me of being true to oneself and others and the Tower shows what can happen when we don’t. We are untrue to ourselves and try to exude a false sense of self importance to make up for our feeling of inadequacies. We try to force this on others and then we have a battle for power. It is here that we start the path of self destruction. Morrigan feeds on this because she knows that here are the biggest lessons we must learn. She tears it all down with a vengeance leaving us bare. She kills our egos so we can see with the eyes of justice. So we can see the truth of who and what we are and make the changes necessary to who we really are. She forces us to look within by stripping us bare. It is a form of death.

I read on line that Morrigan is also known as a shape shifter that often took the form of the raven and she would fly over battlefields. So, she is always there watching and waiting for us to eventually destroy ourselves, yet we don’t notice her. A story is she offered the hero Cuchulainn her love, but he rejected it because he did not recognize her. She then vowed to inhibit him in battle and he was killed. So, the question is what is stopping us from seeing her, and if we do recognize her and see her and accept her, can we change our fate???
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