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Universal Goddess Tarot - The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Shows the goddess Frigg, wife of Odin. This is a very interesting card just from appearances. From a large tree hangs who I assume to be Odin by his foot. He appears quite calm. In front of the tree with her back to her husband stands Frigg dressed in elaborate garb of gold jewelry and feathered cape. Black and white persian cats sit at her feet looking in opposite directions. It seems to me that Frigg is deliberately being oblivious to her husband’s discomfort. She looks like she may be forcing herself to ignore it. She clutches her necklace as if it is a source of strength for her to be strong and endure the wait. It seems that this is more difficult for her than it is for her husband.

The lwb reads:

“The Hanged Man: the wait and sacrifice of nine days and nine nights are the keys that open the doors of knowledge and wisdom. I am Frigg, Scandinavian goddess, wife of Odin”

Based on the lwb, it would seem that Frigg is enduring the wait because she knows it is necessary in order to open the doors to knowledge.

Some online research tells me that Frigg is very domestic in nature. She is a goddess of fertility, love, household management, marriage, motherhood, and domestic arts. I could probably learn something from her! Frigg also had the gift of prophecy but never spoke it. This could also be the reason for her somewhat troubled expression. Perhaps knowing the future is not a comfort.
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