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Hi! Everybody!

Can I join in? I just got my Druidcraft deck...

Originally Posted by Le Chat
... The party is not always over, maybe it's waiting to begin...
Originally Posted by MissCW
The Four of Wands before in other cards has definitely been my marriage card, I've accurately predicted a couple of proposals with it before.
I agree with both Le Chat and MissCW!

When I look at this card I feel that people had just been there (at the campfire)
and had been planning a wedding or a happy celebration for work (wands) well done.

Maybe they went inside the house (building ?) to decorate, because at the fireside, they
had just (planned) or assigned each person to a specific task for the future event.

I relate all 4's to the Emperor...of "planning" and "thinking"..."contemplating"...
and "building a foundation"...

I know that I am thinking of RWS symbology...but in the accompanying Duridcraft book,
on the last page - 192 - The authors acknowledge: "Pamela Coleman Smith for the inspiration
of her images."

To me, most of the Druidcraft cards actually DEEPEN the meanings of Pamela Coleman Smith's
images that she used in the RWS decks.
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