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In the system which Angeles Arrien (and Mary Greer too, I think) use for personality/soul cards, I am one of that group who has three cards. The Sun = personality, the Magician = Soul, and the Wheel of Fortune = Creativity. Arguably, then, using your system, that would place me firmly in the first row.

But, I am a third row person, and curiously, my Astrological card - Virgo = The Hermit is third row (GD system).

So ... where does that get us (for me, as the example of n=1 ... too small a sample size I know), it seems to me that in the first half of my life I tried and tried to 'fit' ... i.e. overt social roles dictated by the first row. Post mid-life transitions I found my third row status. It is not that I was unaware of it previously, it was more that I would dip my toe in ... freak out with the problems of facing being 'different' in a society and culture which demands and pressures us into sameness ... and then pull my toe out. Never comfortable with my Self.

I see the toe-dipping in the Temperance card ... Death (of the old) ... toe-dip (Temperance), face demons (Devil) like fear of losing other's approval, lack of self esteem, and zap back up to line 1 ... 'foolishly' out of fear.

In my midlife, I dove into the waters of the third line. I made that 'choice' ... it is a bloody hard path ... but, in spite of that, I am at home. You are right ... 'this path leads to Closure, Fulfillment, Completion. Worldliness', and more dark nights of the soul than one has sticks to beat them off with.

Your summation of Your Origin - Your Inspiration - Your Power - The Turning Point - Your Transformation - Your Epiphany - Your Goal.
really does fit exquisitely well.

You certainly seem to be onto something here. Back to First Row Arrien system vs Astrological correspondences ... it may be that each is tapping into different levels of who we are. Admittedly I have four Virgo in the 12th House my chart, so that would strengthen the astrological correspondence with the Hermit and the third row, and no doubt there are those who have a match between the Arrien system and the Astro-Row that they fit into. Maybe that split (in my case) is something that may be more prevalent in those who are row three people. Though this does not necessarily follow. Research comparing systems would be interesting ... though daunting.

I am reminded too that it is that time again ... the time to have another go at reading Roberts ... my brain aches at the thought (Huh! Humour!). He is hard work though.

I like your idea of the seven card spread. Would you use all 78 cards, or only the Majors?

You are definitely onto something here, in my not so humble opinion.

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