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A Spread based on this perspective

I was playing around with the idea of doing readings from this perspective, and came up with the following:

Take the Majors only, pull the Fool, and turn it facing the other direction from the rest of the cards (i.e. so when they are dealt out face down, the Fool will be face up.)

Have the Querent shuffle thoroughly. Deal seven cards face down from the top of the pack and place them on the bottom (this represents one "Path Cycle" and allows for a more random chance that the Fool will fall on top).

Now lay out the cards, FACE DOWN, in the grid:

xx - xx - 03 - 06 - 09 - 12 - 15 - 18 - 21 (The Hidden Path)
00 - xx - 02 - 05 - 08 - 11 - 14 - 17 - 20 (The Inner Path)
xx - xx - 01 - 04 - 07 - 10 - 13 - 16 - 19 (The Outer Path)

you will see the Fool face up in the spread. If the Fool falls in his "home" 00 position - the Querent may PICK one Path of the three to be read.

Otherwise, turn up the 00 position card and SWITCH that card with The Fool. This Card is the "Situation Card".

The Outer Path is the Querent's ENVIRONMENT and EVENTS in their lives - the Material World.
The Inner Path are the LESSONS and REACTIONS to the Outer Path - the Psychological World.
The Hidden Path is the spiritual ramificatons and deeper meaning of the Outer and Inner Paths - The Eternal World.

The Stations (columns) will be as described before:

Your Origin - Your Inspiration - Your Power - The Turning Point - Your Transformation - Your Epiphany - Your Goal.

The FOOL will fall on one of the three Paths and signify a Journey in the Querent's life that the spread is describing.

If the FOOL falls into the first or last column, the Querent is at the beginning or end of some type of Journey within their life, and we will examine all the cards along that path. DISCARD the cards on the other paths, and turn up just the cards in the Row where the FOOL appeared. For instance, if the Fool falls in position 19 and TEMPERANCE fell in position 00, we would discard the Hidden Path and Inner Path cards, swap 00 position card TEMPERANCE with the FOOL and read:

01 - 04 - 07 - 10 - 13 - 16 - 19 with Temperance in Position 19

So this reading would describe a Journey in the Querent's Outer Path (Real World events) where the Goal (or Outcome) is Temperance.

If the FOOL falls somewhere ALONG the three paths... we will examine the spread in a different way. We will want to look at the factors in the OTHER TWO Paths that have been influences PRIOR to the Querent's current Station, and factors YET TO COME in the Fool's PRIMARY Path, FOLLOWING the current Station.

In other words, we will look at the Row where the FOOL has fallen, and turn over the cards to the LEFT of the FOOL in THE OTHER TWO ROWS; and the cards to the RIGHT of the FOOL in THE SAME ROW as the FOOL. So if the FOOL falls in Position 11, we would turn UP the cards in the following positions (and discard the rest unturned):

xx - xx - 03 - 06 - 09 - xx - xx - xx - xx (The Hidden Path)
00 - xx - xx - xx - xx - 11 - 14 - 17 - 20 (The Inner Path)
xx - xx - 01 - 04 - 07 - xx - xx - xx - xx (The Outer Path)

We again swap the card from the FOOL's home position (Temperance in the first example) and read the cards:

01 - The Origin of the Situation in the Outer Path
03 - The Origin of the Situation in the Hidden Path
04 - The Inspiration of the Situation in the Outer Path
06 - The Inspiration of the Situation in the Hidden Path
07 - Your Power in the Situation in the Outer Path
09 - Your Power in the Situation in the Hidden Path
11 - THE TURNING POINT (YOU ARE HERE, and your Turning Point on the Psychological Path is TEMPERANCE)
14 - Your Transformation on the Inner Path
17 - Your Epiphany on the Inner Path
20 - Your Goal on the Inner Path.

I hope this makes sense and would be grateful for your questions and comments.
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