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Originally Posted by dangerdork
As far as Numerology and Astrology go, I'm not particularly well-versed in either topic and don't ascribe to them as primary interpretive methods. I've read a lot on both topics over the years, but it tends to go in one ear and out the other. If people are using Arrien Soul Cards to find significators and then placing themselves on one of the paths here, then I'm curious to hear how that works out.

I'm actually doing the original layout right now and condensing much of what you've written about the layout (not the spread) into a spreadsheet where I can see everything all together.

I can't speak to any astrological plusses to how the Seven Stations layout is done, but I did just notice that you've got the numerology down, unlike both Campbell and Roberts who inspired you to create/discover this layout. For example, 21 The World reduces to 3 The Empress. Both cards are on the same path. 19 The Sun reduces to 10 Wheel of Fortune which further reduces to 1 The Magician. And guess what? They're all on the same path. The same is true for all the Major Arcana in terms of numerological reduction.

I know it has something to do with the number nine. 16 => 1+6=7. Also 16-9=7. By laying the cards up in columns of 3 instead of across in 3 rows like Roberts or across in 5 rows like Campbell, you've instinctively (?) placed each card 9 positions ahead of the card(s) that it reduces to and the numerologically associated cards end up being on the same row. (You may not be well-versed in Numerology, but something you've read has stuck with you. If not, that was an incredible stroke of luck and I need you to buy some MegaMillions tickets for me for Friday! )

I also just noticed that there's a special relationship between the cards in the Origins, Turning Point and Goal columns. The cards under Turning Point reduce to Origins. And the cards under Goal also reduce to Origins. And in the special case of the Outer Path, The Goal card reduces to the Turning Point card, which then reduces to the Origin card.

If the Turning Point is considered to be a mirror (more like Alice's Looking Glass, but I think a regular mirror would work too) through which the Origin becomes the Goal, then
- the Empress when reflected through the Hanged Man becomes The World
- the High Priestess when reflected through Justice becomes Judgment
- the Magician when relfected through the Wheel of Fortune becomes The Sun.

Next on my list is to see if each card fits its path and station in my mind. Then I'll see if the flow of each card in each of the paths makes sense. Then I'll see what applying elemental dignities to the cards does to the interactions of each triad of cards in each path. (I already see a problem with Emperor | Chariot | Wheel of Fortune on the Outer path. You have a Water card in the Chariot surrounded by two Fire cards, which greatly weaken the Water card. That's a problem when the Chariot is in the Power station and it's weak. Hmmm.... Gotta think on that one.)

I know I won't get through all that before the weekend. But I'll report in as I discover more things/have more feedback.

BTW, I'm using the Robin Wood for the layout.

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