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Originally Posted by dangerdork
For those who STILL haven't laid the cards out, the three rows we have now grouped the cards into consist of:

Empress - Lovers - Hermit - Hanged Man - Devil - Moon - World
High Priestess - Hierophant - Strength - Justice - Temperance - Star - Judgment
Magician - Emperor - Chariot - Wheel of Fortune - Death - Tower - Sun
It's getting close to my bedtime, so I jumped ahead of myself and applied Golden Dawn elemental associations to the cards and came up with something interesting.

Quick lesson on Elemental Associations follows. Skip if you already know.

The four elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana have been assigned an element. There are many systems of associations, but for this exercise, I used the GD system. Five Majors each are assigned to Water, Air and Earth, while seven Majors are assigned to Fire. Fire and Air are friendly elements to one another and they are both active elements. Water and Earth are friendly elements to one another and they are both passive elements.

The Outer Path contains 5 active elements and 2 passive elements. The Inner Path also contains 5 active elements and 2 passive elements. The Hidden path contains 6 passive elements and 1 active element. Both the Outer and Inner Paths end up being primarily Active, while the Hidden Path becomes overwhelming Passive.

In a way that makes sense to me. The Outer Path is what happens to you, while the Inner Path is how you react to what happens to you. It makes sense that both of those paths would be active. The Hidden Path is the spiritual path, which should be passive.

It probably doesn't make sense to apply Elemental Dignities (the interactions of the elements to one another) to the Seven Stations LAYOUT, but it would make sense to apply them to the Seven Stations SPREAD. A given card in a given position in the SPREAD could be weakened by the cards surrounding it. But it doesn't make sense to make a position in the LAYOUT weak because the home card of the position is weakened by the home cards of surrounding positions.

Does that make sense?

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