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To continue my thoughts on the Right Brain / Left Brain / Synthesis (Three Paths, anyone?) perspective and bring things back on topic, I didn't "invent" or "create" this system, but rather I was inspired by others' examination of tarot through laying the cards in order onto a specific grid, and my own grid and interpretation thereof were dictated by the tarot itself.

And part of the motivation IS curiosity. Despite several scholars' assurances to the contrary, I like to believe that the creators of the original tarots had SOME reason for ordering the Trumps the way they did. Why is there a Strength and Temperance and Justice, for instance, but no Prudence? Why do we see the Sun and Moon and Stars, but no Planets? WTF is a "Chariot" doing in this group anyways? But I digress...

Anyways, regardless of the original intent and underlying symbolism of the Trumps, we know that the Golden Dawn folks imposed just all kinds of numerology, alchemy, astrology, Kaballism and more on their vision of the tarot. And if you read Waite or Case or Crowley, they're ALL taunting us with "and there's lots of stuff we're not telling you."

Well, since my mailbox isn't overflowing with invitations from Mystery Tradition Secret Societies to become an initiate, I have to read books and try to puzzle it out own my own.

What I'm trying to lead up to is this:

The Seven Stations is a series of patterns already there in the tarot -- patterns which my years of reading books on tarot, practical use of the cards for readings, and meditation on the symbols and thought systems involved have enabled me to perceive.
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