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Originally Posted by rwcarter
Fine. How about "discover" then? You discovered this system in much the same way that Columbus discovered America, the planets were discovered and vaccines are discovered. I believe you've done something great here and you should allow yourself to take some kind of credit for it!
That's very, very flattering, Rodney, and I appreciate the compliment. But it's an even GREATER compliment to see that you're excited about this system and trying it out, exploring it further on your own. I'm not writing all of this down for attention or personal recognition, I'm putting it out there in order to share it with other tarot enthusiasts. Because, on the one hand, I feel like I may be on the right track toward unraveling the mysteries of the tarot - but on the other, I feel like this would be a fantastic way for someone relatively new to the tarot to familiarize themselves with their decks.

It's difficult to sit down and try to memorize, or formulate, the meanings of 78 individual cards - and even if you break it into Trumps and suits, those groups are still a little unwieldy. But if you break the tarot into 11 stories (plus the fool), and each of those stories has seven defined steps or Stations, it creates little clusters that feel familiar and interconnected. At least for me.

I'm not proposing that everyone adopt this system, or that it's The Only Way, but for those who do choose to adopt this system, I believe that it has vast promise of becoming an important component of your tarot repertoire.
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