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Originally Posted by rwcarter
I have all 8 of the decks you picked out. Question for you though. What is TRANSFOMRATION? That is on all the paths. (Just messing with you. I know you mean transformaton. )
DOH! I always sucked at self-proofing.

I still haven't gotten to write down a lot of my thoughts, and a party I'm hosting will begin shortly (with lots of tarot involved ), but here are a couple tidbits:

If you look at each minor suit as containing an Outer and Inner Path, and the Major Arcana as the Outer, Inner, and Hidden Paths, they correspond nicely. And you could also argue that only the Major Arcana get the Hidden Path because they are the Special Esoteric Magickal cards.

But if we have that that exact correspondence, then wouldn't each of the Minor cards have a corresponding Major matching its Path and Station? And wouldn't the Hidden Path Trump rule of ALL cards in its station?

Thus, in each suit, what if we say that the cards are ruled by the following:

Knight: Empress / Magician
Page: Empress / High Priestess
Ace: Lovers / Emperor
Two: Lovers / Hierophant
Three: Hermit / Chariot
Four: Hermit / Strength


Once I make up a chart for this, I think its charm will become apparent.

TTFN, more to follow in the morning.
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