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I *just* now saw this thread, and after skimming for a few moments only, have instantly printed out the whole thing.
(my computer HATES pdf files for reasons known only to it, so I have
skipped opening those pages for now).

almost ran out of printer paper, but this whole thing looks too exciting, and
I need to be able to get away from the computer table to the studio, where
I have room to spread stuff out, and give all of this a good hard look for over
as many days as it takes for my poor dried-sponge brain to absorb.
might be quite awhile...

(I have a few majors-only decks that I would love to get more use
out of, and give more turns round the block than they currently enjoy)

Many thanks to you, dangerdork, for posting your epiphany and all of your
thoughts and inspirations, and to Rodney and everyone else for feeding
into the thread and expanding the explanation and perspective of all of it.
all the comments others made were most useful.
thank you thank you.

~ da moff
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