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Originally Posted by kwaw
Many versions and discussions of the 3x7 structure with varying titles of three levels have been made.

The following thread specifically discusses the structure as a ladder of virtues:

Thanks, kwaw, for pointing out that thread. I'm not surprised to learn that this line of thinking has been explored before, and I really got a lot out of just skimming that thread.

I still think I want to pursue my own independent development and examination of these patterns as Seven Stations with a slightly different focus. What I take away as a first impression as the DIFFERENCE between my thinking and the "seven rungs" is that the metaphor of the seven rungs delineates a clear, sequential ascension to, let's say, enlightenment or fulfillment, and as such is focused mainly on the "Virtue" central to each step -- and the resultant confusion as to the ordering of those virtues.

Whereas, and I hope this isn't stretching, the Seven Stations is more of a chronological metaphor of certain aspects of a Journey to enlightenment, which to me feels more like the plot of a story - not necessarily ordered in a hierarchy but rather as a series of principles, events and obstacles which, although involving a "turning point," are ultimately more flexible in their examination of the relationship of the "virtues" to life's major events, obstacles and lessons.

I'm eager to delve into more of the fantastic and knowledgeable posts in that thread and thanks again for pointing it out.
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