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Originally Posted by northsea
I've seen 3x7 tarot templates by various tarot authors, but don't recall this specific layout that brings the virtues together on the central row, nor recall any other discussion of these three paths connected to 3x7 layout except in general terms of body/mind/spirit... so I think you're on to something here! My personal choice for Prudence is the High Priestess, so that fits right in with your template.

And Faith, Hope and Love/Charity could be represented by the Hierophant, the Star and Judgment, or the World (placed to Judgment's right), to have all 7 virtues on the middle row (laying them out left to right for each of three rows).
Wow! I had totally missed that! You're right... and this really reinforces my feeling that the original ordering of the Trumps may have involved the arrangement I'm examining. This correlation is also suggested in the discussion noted earlier by kwaw.

Originally Posted by northsea
Regarding the associations though, it seems that Apollo (and the mind) was connected to the Ego and Dionysus (and the body) to the Id by various thinkers including Nietzche. Maybe Soldier/Priest/Rebel, Apollonian/Hermetic/Dionysian + Mind/Spirit/Body would align with traditional associations.
Yeah, I was kind of free associating at that point... I've kind of settled into three spheres of Body/Mind/Spirit for now, although I still have some other thoughts swirling around... for instance: Each of the Seven Stations could follow this pattern (with Path 1 = Outer, Path 2 = Inner, Path 3 = Hidden):

Your cannot know (Path 2) until you experience (Path 1). And then you must overcome (Path 3).

For instance, "Your Power": You cannot know Strength until you experience Focusing Your Energies. Then you must overcome your Desire for Knowledge.

Just playing around here.

Also, the Fool was traditionally placed between Judgment and the World, so if the Fool is placed in the 21 position as the ultimate Dionysian goal, the World may be placed off to the side, encompassing all three levels.
That's very cool. That placement of the Fool didn't come along til Levi or Etteila or one of those guys, did it? But it still totally works for me.
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