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Originally Posted by rwcarter
I'm glad you said that. Cause having taken a more in depth look at this system, there's one little thing that bothers my sense of symmetry. The Majors and Pips are both laid UP in columns from left to right, and they seem to flow wonderfully. The Courts are laid DOWN in columns from left to right, which almost makes it seem like they were square pegs that were forced to fit in round holes.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, while many decks list the Court cards in the order Page, Knight, Queen and King, many other decks list them in just the opposite manner (King, Queen, Knight and Page). But having the King and Queen as the Origin and the Knight and Page/Princess as the Destiny doesn't make any sense either.

I guess I could look at it as the Courts ARE being laid UP in columns, but from right to left. But that still bothers my sense of symmetry since everything else is laid out left to right.

Just a small "complaint." Nothing major enough for me to not utilize this system.
I hear what you're saying, Rodney... and if you can find a better and more symmetrically satisfying method, please, persuade me.

I tried to outline my reasoning in post #27 of this thread:

and for now, I am going to stick to my guns. All along, I've tried to base my thinking around which cards made sense together in order to establish the pattern, and not the other way around. This arrangement just feels right to me in terms of what the cards seem to be saying. We could try associating the the Pages and Queens with the odd rows and Knights/Kings with the even, but that violates a different sense of belongingness to me. Those pesky Courts. If you stick the square peg in the round hole and then suddenly the stalled gears start turning, what are you supposed to do?

But please, Rodney (or anyone), PLEASE keep picking apart my system and shoot all the holes in it you can. These are ideas, and in my book ideas belong to everyone. Feel free to improvise and adapt or mock as you choose. If you have your own reasoning for alternatives to challenge the "rules" I'm proposing here, persuade me! I'll listen, I promise.
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