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Originally Posted by Enchanted
I really like that and hadn't thought of it that way before, but that is making some incredible sense to me. I'm not sure if I am understanding your meaning correctly here but are you referring to a myriad of thoughts about what you want to do (desire) conflicting with thoughts about what you feel that you should do (duty)? If I have understood this correctly that has just thrown a great spin on this card for me.

The Osho Zen 8 of Swords is renamed "guilt" and paints a very good picture of this "white noise", great term there Sulis, the woman looks like she is going insane from all these thoughts. That got me to thinking about guilt, as I guess you could tie that to responsibility, and thus duty.
sorry, I didn't check back and completely missed your post.

yes, you got that right. the conflict that arises from being in a difficult situation that is forcing you to make a choice, it's a situation you can't simply walk away are forced by circumstance to confront the issues. there is the scenario of desire vs. duty but on an even deeper level, it can be an unresolved ethical dilemma.

I also see this a back-against-the-wall, painted-into-a-corner situation where your strategic possibilities are limited and the options available to you are not ideal.
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