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A new spread...

How about a quick stab at a MINORS-only spread to complement the Majors-only Seven Stations spread described earlier?

Again, MINORS ONLY. I guess it would work with the Majors left in, but you have them separated out for the other spread anyway, right? You could throw two books.

_ 2
3 _ 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
_ 1

1. Your PATH
3. Your Situation

4. Your Origin
5. Your Inspiration
6. Your Power
7. The Turning Point
8. Your Transformation
9. Your Epiphany
10. Your Destiny

Have the querent shuffle as normal, and turn up Cards 1-2-3. Cards 1 and 2 will determine what PATH the Querent is on, and at what Station ON that path. For instance, if the cards are the 5 Pents and the 2 Cups, the querent is on the OUTER PATH of PENTS, in the SECOND STATION.

Now, take the rest of the pack, go through and pick out all of the remaining cards for that path, then lay them out along the path in their designated stations. For instance, in the above example, I would pull out the Knight, Ace, 3, 7, 9, and King of Pents from the pack and place them along their Stations on the Path.

The THIRD card, "Your Situation," goes in the gap which is left in that sequence by Card 1 (5 Pents).

So, let's say the third card was the Queen of Swords. We now have:

_ 2C
_ _ KNP _ AP _ 3P _ QS _ 7P _ 9P _ KGP
_ 5P

Pick up the 5P and 2 C as well, we don't need them anymore. In fact, add them back to the rest and give the whole pack back to the querent for a good shuffle.

NOW, deal out seven cards along the Stations, atop the ones already there.

KNP _ AP _ 3P _ QS _ 7P _ 9P _ KGP
01 __ 02 _ 03 _ 04 _ 05 _ 06 _ 07

Now read the Stations as pairs of cards: Your Origin - Your Inspiration - Your Power - The Turning Point - Your Transformation - Your Epiphany - Your Destiny.

You will assume that the querent is somewhere along the sequence (as indicated by the Queen of Swords, remember?) of the story at hand - in this case, at The Turning Point (the prior Stations are in the past, the subsequent ones in the future).

I hope this makes sense, and if anyone has any good tweaks, I think it doesn't quite feel just-right yet.
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