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I have just discovered this thread and am very impressed with not only the content, but the manner in which the ideas are being shared and how things are evolving. I had hoped to find a discussion of this caliber in my lurkings!

There is much to consider and it will take some time. I will be getting out my copy of Tarot Revelations and reading that, along with the information contained in this thread. This weekend I will be playing with my favourite decks (and a 'majors only' deck I have never used!) to complete some of the grids to better understand what is being discussed.

I agree, it is a terrific way to learn the cards as they relate to one another, as in a reading the position and it's surounding cards colour the meaning. It is the synthesis of the information contained in the cards that is the 'art' part of tarot (in my opinion) and this synthesis has always been the most elusive part for me.

Thanks very much, dangerdork, for your enthusiasm and willingness to share (and to put yourself on the line!) in your quest to develop your ideas. I have already learned a lot. I also think the contributions from eveyone else, along with the links to other threads, have been a great help.

Rodney, if possible, I would love a copy of the dangerdorkdoc!

So much to think about.... I can hardly wait!

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