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My Texas Grandmother used to can vegetables and make Jam every year. There was a storm shelter built underground on their tiny farm, and there were shelves full of her canning. We would wait out the tornadoes there, with a kerosine lantern. After the wind died down, we would go back up to see if the house was still there.
This card makes me think of the security and edge of danger this room represented to me as a little child. And I think that is how it is for so many people--they accumulate in order to feel "safe" in dangerous times. the trick is not to go over the edge into greed and miserly behaviors. Some can't seem to help doing that---especially the generation that grew up during the great depression.
Funny thing---we never, any year, did not still have some of my Grandmother's canning from the year before, when it came time to can again. She prepared against the future well, and we never felt poor...although, technically, we certainly were.

Really Good Card.
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