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ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step ONE

Tomorrow is my birthday, and part of my celebration is to pick up where I left off a few months ago at the 21st step of the Apprentice Level, using Mary Greer's wonderful book, 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card.

** Those who have completed the Apprentice Level are invited to join.

** Those who have almost completed the Apprentice Level and who would like to take on both levels so as to share this experience with us are also invited to join.

** Those fully capable hobby, part-time and full time readers who might like to explore an expanded view of the Tarot are also invited to join us. Our only caution is that those who have already participated have built close bonds of sharing and openness --- I and they would expect you to be able to accept and work within that sharing and giving context.

** Those who are relatively newer to the Tarot should consider following your previous intent to perhaps join in on the fun at the Apprentice Level. The hundreds of followers of this list need to throw themselves into a barrel of fun and a treasure chest of learning. We will continue to monitor and encourage you as you work your way through the Apprentice Level.


The proper approach to drawing a card for yourself, for reading for another, is given prior to Step 1:3. Part of the process is to understand how you feel, to be aware of your body and your place in the space around you.

** Acitivity 1:3 is to shuffle our chosen deck and ask, "Who am I?" Draw a card, turn it over, say it's name, and self-observe your reactions. These are all noted in more detail in the book. As we learned at the Apprentice Level, these seemingly simple steps are important.

** Have another person draw a card for the same question. Note their reactions. Explore those reactions and thoughts.

MY NOTE: As before, I am not reading ahead within the book, but taking each step freshly as I come to it. I don't know if one of these cards will be my chosen card for the whole exercise or even if that is true for the Adept Level. No questions, Just trust in the process, plus lots of anticipation. Dave.
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