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Navigators Tarot and Seven Stations

I'm within spitting distance of my bedtime, so this is gonna have to be brief....

I've applied both the Seven Stations and the Chain to the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA. I'm gonna have to let what I wrote percolate for a day or two to see how I really feel about it.

Most tarot decks that have reordered some of the Majors still pretty much start with the Magician and end with the World/Universe (with the Fool unnumbered or numbered 0 or 22). This deck has completely reordered things. The deck starts with the Universe as the first path (the cards aren't actually numbered, so the numbering I use is the card's path on the Tree of Life, which the author has also rearranged from the traditional ToL....) and ends with the Magian (NOT Magician) as the 21st path. The Fool is the 22nd Path on the ToL. Not one of the cards in this deck has the same position as the correspondingly named card in a RWS deck. That makes for some interesting interpretations to say the least.

Whereas the Fool is a beginning and the Universe is an ending that leads to a new beginning in RWS-based decks, in this one, the Universe is the beginning and the Fool is an ending that leads to a new beginning.

So, tomorrow I will reread what I wrote for both the Seven Stations and the Chain in regards to the Navigators Tarot and then I'll make my final decision as to whether either system works with this deck.

I'm gonna channel dangerdork for a moment. I see that lots of people are looking at this thread. It has the most views of the non-Note threads, with more than twice the number of views as the number 2 thread out of the first 40 threads (I view 40 threads per page). There are a lot of ideas floating around and I know it takes some time to get comfortable with them. But please join us in posting your thoughts about the Seven Stations. Nothing's written in stone yet and the more input into the thread, the better the end result will be.

Time for me to go to bed....
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