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The attachments and links are a great resource. I like how you incorporated your studies of Joseph Campbell into your Seven Stations Layout with the assignment of minor suits to the dual Major paths, and assigning each path both a masculine and feminine suit. The Hegelian synthesis makes perfect sense too.

Also the right-side of the middle path has a New Testament feel and mirrors the feminine row similar to how Christ has been viewed by some as having Dionysian elements. The Temperance and Star are both Venusian in a sense. The left-side of the middle path has an Old Testament/Tora "the Law" feel and reflects the masculine row (though Christ has also been thought of as a Sun god). Strength ushers in the path of the matriarchal.

Another aspect of this layout is how the Moon is next to the World (Earth). Also the "epiphany" of each path is in the spirit of the path. Emotional, id-driven, types look to the moon for inspiration. Religious types see HOPE (the Star) for their salvation. Rational types receive their epiphanies, or insights, as lighting bolts to the crown or head.
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