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Since the week of the Autumn Equinox is my birthday week I feel especially close to this time of year. And this year the full moon followed shortly afterwards. Very nice.

I want to comment on this card yet can't find any words. Maybe - what balances it? I have been in/near many an over-heated arguement in my time, and I'm the one who brings calm, keeps them apart, gets people to settle down, get them to see that the other person has a point of view too. I am never in the arguements - so your advice about not being 'self protecting" doesn't seem to apply.

But now that I think a moment - maybe I am being self protecting in my zeal to bring peace to disagreements. (Not all, mind you, but some of the ones that have evolved when I've been present.) Maybe that's my way of keeping safe; help get others to lessen their emotional envolvement so that rational thought can surface. I never thought of that before. --

Well - thinking about this card has brought me a new way of looking at things. At how I handle high emotion.

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