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Originally Posted by Skydancer
I looked in a table recently and it says my moon is/was in Gemini. What would that mean??

okay Gemini is going to be closer to 4 of Swords (last quarter moon in Cancer) a waning moon which is an unraveler whatever moons we have, has both positive and negative qualities...I think the most positive quality of the waning moon personality is their ability to unravel things, learn from and let go of things, this means you have knowledge of the ideal (full Moon) and take that with you into the darkness. Your moon is on the brighter side of that last quarter still has influence from the full moon in Aries the maimed king. Meaning you natal moon possesses qualities of both the 4 and the King of swords. Maybe you should tell me. As the key phrase for Gemini moon is "I think".
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