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4 of Swords card of the week for Oct.2,2007

You are going to notice through out the MAAT Tarot that I have rephrased cards that feature war. In my opinion war needs to be less of a feature in western culture and I since a deck creator gets to have the option of creating their reality I took this route. The 4 of Swords is one of those card. I have replaced the traditional war memorial/rest card and combined it with the energy of the waning Cancer moon as well as the planetary ruler for this month Venus. For a new look at remembering a lost warrior as the ice man may have been. In other Cancer cards I have addressed the symbolism of Mother and Child as it comes to us from ancient Egypt. Isis as mother magician, the mother as protector, spinner of wool, spinner of fate. The 4 shows the unraveling of this moon as the iceman is the lost one without warm clothing lost in the snowy mountains for 5,000 years. His death is felt by us his gift is the new knowledge he gave us regarding his era. From him we learn more about ourselves.
Week of the last quarter moon in Cancer
“The last quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of an acute awareness of ideals and high standards and implementation of these standards into daily life. Disappointment can occur if these standards are not met.”
4 of Swords
Planetary ruler Venus
The image for the 4 of Swords is the 5,300-year-old 'iceman' found in 1991 on the Hauslabjoch pass, which cuts over the main Alpine ridge and divides Austria from Italy.
When the ice melted it revealed the iceman and offered world a peak into a Bronze Age window that we had never seen through before. Like a traveler in a time machine the iceman brought us knowledge of his world. His tools, clothes and weapons told us about his life.
His body revealed what he ate and perhaps what people of his time were eating. His body 's back wound told us it was ambush that caused his death. Anyone who learned of this man couldn't help but wonder what was he doing out there? Who missed him when he didn't return? We can't help but feel grateful for the knowledge he has brought to us because knowing him is to know more about ourselves.

Consider for a moment what you would want the future to know about you. If you keep a diary someday your diary could keep you. Unless you preserve a clear message for the future how will your descendants remember you? What do you want them to remember about your life? About who you are, about your traditions, foods, clothes, likes and dislikes? How curious will the future be about your day-to-day life? How much do you treasure the stories passed down in your family.

Traditional tarot meaning: rest, or taking a rest, although sometimes defined as a monument to a war hero or monuments in general.

In a Reading: For me this card represents our connection with the past. This card invokes the use of archeological evidence, forensic sciences, as well as cultural histories, to open new doorways to our ancestral past in an effort to learn more about ourselves.
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