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Over the years I have always paused and looked intently when this deck crossed my path, but never bought it. The art is just so.....strange, uncanny and shockingly exquisite. So when I saw it for sale in the trading forum for only $15 for the set (brand new) and I knew it was now OOP, I snatched it up, just because. Also it kept following me around.

That was 2 months ago and I get it out often and look through the maze of colour and images, but am always hesitant to buckle down and read with it. Overwhelming? Seems too complicated? The colours and art is 10x more striking holding it in my hands. Palable energy and dynamism. Perhaps it just seems like a whole new system and so I put it back on the shelf until I feel that mysterious tugging/craving as I think to myself "Let me dig that deck out again and get lost in that strange disturbing realm".

*sigh* I've heard many times reading over the few threads on this deck that though one doesn't read with it much, they would never part with it. After owning it now 2 months, I would never get rid of it either. I am doing a pretty intense study of the DruidCraft at the moment, but perhaps later I shall get the deck and book out and really have a deeper and prolonged look-see .

Anyone out there doing a quiet study of this deck? Who here loves these images/colours? I would love to hear your thoughts and intuitions about it!
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