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Well, oddly enough, I just learned last week that my yoga partner is an old friend of Julia Turk, the deck's designer. The deck copyright has passed to the artist (one of the few in the Universe to get away from US Games with the copyright in her own name) but I gather that while she does have a website, she's not marketing it very vigorously. Supposedly US Games lost the books that went with the deck, so Turk is now distributing a CD with the deck instead of the book. She painted these as a SAILOR--the Navigators is something she meant seriously. Also, she has had many of the images printed onto fabric. I've seen them, and they're stunning. My friend has been designing elaborate fabric art frames for them--they are stunning--and intends to sell them.

That's what I know. There's some synchronicity here.

Here's Julia Turk's web site:
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