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Wow they are stunning!! (lol on the redundant adjective, we all do that!) I really want those prints. *drool* I am really struck by the Fire and Terra mystic prints.

Yes, she has led a very fascinating life hasn't she? I've been to her website but most of the links don't work. There is that mention of a book on the pips "The Navigator's Dream: Vol I: Riverlog", but....can't find a thing on it anywhere. Do you own the book? Just wondering how it reads and what it contains. It sounds superb. Is it fiction, incorporating the pips in a story?

She's 72 now, is her health ok? What a visionary. And her inspiration create this deck was very unusual!

ETA: I was going to mention it says on her site, that she moved to CA and did odd jobs and cleaning to make $300 a month to cover costs while she painted the cards and wrote the book.....I love stories like that!
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