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Golden Tarot ~ The Star

Having survived The Tower ~ the dust settles and a new view comes into sight ~ having cleared away the rubble and clutter from our life, we adjust to new thoughts and emotions ~ we have The Star as our guide.

The woman in the Golden Tarot Star is not so voluptuous like some Star images are. To me she has the feel of both innocence and that of an old soul. She's a tenderfoot; she'll go naked, but has to have sandles on her feet! I like the dogs; two are lazing in the cool leaves behind her, but her faithful pooch is keeping an eye on that mermaid. There is a waterwheel down the stream ~ turning, swooping up water then spilling it back into the stream ~ while generating the power to turn a millstone inside the gristmill.

Your goal can be reached if you set your path and keep to it.
For me, she is the light in the Hermit's lantern. I can look up, but I can also look within.

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