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Originally Posted by tarot4fun
[i]For me, she is the light in the Hermit's lantern. I can look up, but I can also look within. Suz
I see similiarities between this card and Temperance, minus the habit, of course. But The Star keeps her own counsel, not needing the guide on the cloud. She also has one foot in water (unconscious) and one on land (conscious).
Any ideas on the seven stars? Why seven? Are they about to form a crown?
The mermaid does not look like she's just attained nirvana - she's either exhausted or worse. (Granted, this could be my projection of the day.) Is The Star about to revive this creature? Her dog's alertness is a distraction for me - everything looks in order, but he senses differently? She's oblivious to some sort of danger, like her other companions? Or does she ignore all distractions upon arriving in this state, confident in protection? This is a puzzling card for me. I've wondered if there is more going on in it than was really intended.

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