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ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step FOUR

Step four of the ADEPT level of Mary Greer's "21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card" is about telling a story. At the Apprentice level we used are chosen card/deck to do several story-telling exercises. Likewise, the Adept level involves story telling: here we are given insights into the power that fairy tales have to evoke feeling, images and values---and how that relates to tarot cards.

With the tarot, Mary tells us, we shift the focus from the person to the cards. This objectification permits us to see things that we block ourselves from seeing in ourselves. How we use the power of the tarot is up to the sensitivity of the reader for the querent's situation and best interests and the skills one has with the cards in relating them to life and storytelling.

The singular activity for this step is to do a reading for another, addressing the question of "What do I most need to look at in my life right now?" This is to be a single-card reading!

** You will describe the card for the querent.
** You will describe its emotions.
** You will launch into a short and vivid fairy tale based on the card.
** You will then turn this short tale into a series of personal statements for the querent.
** Finally, you will ask the querent to tell you what is right and not right about your fairy tale.

Following this, ask the querent to draw a second card. You are to guide the querent through the same steps of describing the card, its emotions and the nature of a fairy tale that can be taken or launched form the card's image. Ask the querent what is relevant or not about their life in what they just said.

At the end of this exercise discuss with the querent which story was most relevant and helpful and why.

As always, pour as much of yourself into this seemingly simple exercise as you can so that you will take as much out of it as possible. NEXT WEEK I THINK WE CAN PLAY WITH WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED AND STEP INTO AN INTERIM EXPERIENCE WHERE WE CAN MIX STEPS 3 & 4 (EMOTIONS AND STORY) WITH A "MOVEMENT" OR "FLOW" OF EMOTIONS AND ACTIONS. We didn't do this in the Apprentice Level, but we can do it here. Dave.
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