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Daves Step Four

I had the querent, my daughter who is age 14 (almost) and interested in tarot, draw my first card.

The Fey Queen of Pentacles: This young lady, smiling and well dressed, is holding a giant pentacle with a yin-yang division on its surface, the Sun and Moon each occupying a half of its surface. Her clothes and background all have tones of orange and warm light.

The emotions are of coyness (her expression), happiness, contentment and comfort in nature, a sort of quiet radiance that projects outwardly.

This Queen, as a younger person, learned to appreciate comforts of life because she had none herself. What she was given, she appreciated and reciprocated with her gratefulness and happiness. Her spirit inspired those who supported her and soon all around her benefited from happiness, productiveness and comfort. Upon maturing, she magnified her giving nature by inspiring others and soon brought grace and joy to the whole kingdom.

You are a happy person who is attractive to others. You enjoy your comforts but you also provide comfort for others. You can bring balance into the lives of others by your actions.

Since I knew Kaitlin, I knew that this card really portrayed her nature and her life's actions. She is intelligent, very attractive, likes her comforts, has many friends and gives a lot of help to her community --- helps feed the homeless at a food kitchen every few weeks, volunteers at the local library, helps with an extended day-care after school program for younger students. So, this card is very descriptive for her.

Kaitlin drew another card for the Fey tarot deck, the Magician. This card shows a young Fey with a wand creating a small mouse-like creature within a ball of white light. Another mouse watches the creation process. Piles of books are evident and support the four symbols of the tarot.

Kaitlin saw "curiosity" and intensity in this card. She had a difficult time seeing a story here until I asked her about one mouse watching another being created. She was holding our dog, a small cock-a-poo. She said that she had helped create his happy attitude by being gentle and playing with him, making him curious and playful in nature. She liked the idea of being creative and thought that was a great gift to have in life. Kaitlin thought both of these cards and discussions-stories were appropriate.

It is different to work with young people. They deal more with elementary thoughts and concepts and don't elaborate as much even though they can utilize a lot of detail in their writings and creative work. The link from the Magician to her little dog was interesting, she had such a big smile on her face.

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