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Step 4 Adept Level: Fantastic Menagerie

Deck: Fantastic Menagerie
Card: Moon

My friend “M” volunteered to do this exercise with me. M and I have known each other for about 20 years, but for the last 10 or so have lived far apart and are not as knowledgeable about our daily lives as we once were, so there are many things we don’t know about each other. M has never worked with tarot though I have done several readings for her over the years. She does not own a tarot deck, and has never studied tarot.

ACTIVITY 4:4.1.: I handed her the Fantastic Menagerie deck, she shuffled it, cut it, and picked the Magician. I named as I looked at her and shared with the card with her, saying “this is the Magician”. I then described the card objectively – then changed it into “you-statements”, and then described it from an emotional perspective – then changed it into “you-statements.” The shortened version of statements about the querent is something like this:

You are on a stage dramatically and passionately delivering your message to the common man. Word has spread and gotten the attention of persons with influence who have now come to listen and see what you are all about. You have great ideas, though they do have some controversial aspects for those in positions of power. When you have finished your performance they approach you and extend you an offer to join them for two main reasons (1) so they can implement some of your ideas; and (2) to keep your voice somewhat under control.

When asked what she found accurate about this story, she said it really reminded her of when she was a corporate training manager and she taught and influenced many people while staying within certain corporate guidelines, which at times seemed like barriers to her. She said it also reminded her of being on a board of directors or a home owners association. The part about being comfortable on stage reminded her of when she used to sing and did theatre, and how music and literature can influence people. She also commented that she missed being on stage.

She found nothing inaccurate, but saw the Magician more as how she was in the past, and a part of herself she would like to recapture – specially in relation to getting involved again in music.

ACTIVITY 4.4.2.: M pulled a second card from the deck, the 10 of Cups, and followed the same steps of naming, objective description – then using “I-statements”, and emotional description – then using “I-statements.”

M was concentrating very hard on what she was doing and was focused and detailed. Due to her concentration levels I could not really detect any real emotional peaks or valleys, just her concentration. I could tell she was struggling trying to make sure she was doing the exercises “right” despite reassurances that whatever she said was right, and that there is no wrong way. A short summary of her descriptions:

“I see a motherly figure that wants to spread and share the good harvest with her village, children, and family. It is a beautiful spring day, and the ivy and flowers that hang over the honeycomb archway look beautiful. There are three children eagerly waiting to receive honey. One bee works diligently proudly preparing the bread for the honey to be spread upon. The mother bee is real excited about the wonderful harvest and giving honey to the children. Some of the bees wear varied types of hats in celebration of the spring season. The is a flower on the floor behind the children. The flower is happy to have contributed its nectar to the making of the honey. Through the archway the garden flowers can be seen on display, showing the bounty from which to make more honey.”

When turned into I statements, M took on the role of the “mother bee.”

When she was done and asked “Where are these things going on in your life?” she responded that she naturally feels motherly and loves sharing with friends. family, and her community. She went on to tell me about a college girl she and her husband have “adopted” through the church, to share her home and family with on weekends. She said the girl is just like the eager little bee children, and that she is so glad she (M) can be a part of her life. It fulfills her desire to be motherly (she does not have any children at this time). She also feels like she is spreading goodwill within her community, and that makes her happy.

M found the card very relevant to her life right now, and found nothing irrelevant about the card.

4:4.3.: When we discussed both readings, M said she preferred the process where I did the exercises because she likes the “shock-value” of me telling her things about herself that she knows I know nothing about. The makes the reading more “alluring and magical” (her words) to her.

M said she found reading her 10 of Cups more personal because it was dealing with something near and dear to her heart, but she felt like she was prone to seeing what she wanted to see and felt like she was cheating. She also said that in a way it was less interesting to her to do this on her own, because she already knows about herself.

Personally I really liked it when she went through the process with her 10 of Cups, she read the card beautifully, and we were done I told her so. She laughed.

Obviously, I will not be turning this friend into a tarot reader *LOL*
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