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Hi and 'bye

About the 'grids' to the heart in Mecca.

I put up various examples on my old wetpaint site.

The whole key to the pack its its architecture, and what those structures and their numerical factors imply... that's were the common ground of Islam and Christendom occurs.

Secondly - remember that these are just a few cards. WE are not entirely sure (I think - has that changed?) when they were made, nor for whom, nor even whether they were made for Muslims or for some other of the dozens of different communities for whom Arabic was the formal common language.

I mean - they 'could' have been made for an Egyptian Christian, or a Russian woman taken as the 'silver (i.e. moon-like) tribute demanded each year by some rulers.

Sorry to sound grumpy, but use of Arabic does not mean a person is an 'Arab', adn one cannot form theories about lines of transmission on such slender evidence.

On the other hand, a later persian source (Hafiz) includes in his Diwan a vrbal contest-poem of the romantic sort in which he plays and loses against the 'woman'. I have tried to explain the poetic allusions, which draw on the usual body of that eastern popular star-lore which was so embedded in eastern culture, to show that it is possible - no more than possible - that byu Hafiz' time not only the pattern of reference for such contests was that of our early Atouts, but that perhaps the inscriptions in Arabic on those cards might refer to a poem, or series of poems that would permit a closer correspondence to be argued between eastern and western forms of *these* sorts of contest-games.

Have to say, though, that it is in Europe we first hear of the 'poetry-battles' between males and females, and one of the notable innovations about card-use was that verbal/romance contests between male and female were permitted, and permitted to occur near-enough in to one-to-one unchaperoned situations.

Still. This has been a really fascinating thread. Sorry I wont be able to follow it.
But looking up the name of an Islamic physician just now, I found that the posts here are being broadcast on the web. Makes me feel uncomfortable, so after posting a few of those grids for you - assuming I've still got them, I'm signing out.
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