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Post astrology and Maat tarot

I would like to begin a discussion on astrology and the Maat Tarot. I have tried to think of how best to organize this discussion. It's a huge area to cover. I am just in my early stages of studying the Maat Tarot, so perhaps many of my questions are covered in the book. But here is a beginning for a discusssion. As I understand it the "moon cycles" begin with the Autumn Equinox with Aries and go around the circle of the year from there. I understand that structure. So beginning there let me offer the element of fire as a beginning. The two of swords in the new moon in Libra, the three the first quarter moon in Capricorn. I'll admit I find this confusing. Is the 2 of swords supposed to have the energy as the new moon in Libra? How so? Swords here are fire. Libra is air. Or am I trying to impose an astrological system onto this system and it won't work! More to follow...
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