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This is such an original Fool card.
We have no cliff or even a path but we do have The Fool's dog who sits in his boat with him as the note of caution, the dog doesn't seem to be holding him back as in most Fool cards but he does sit in the front of the boat, so seems to be looking out for any obstacles along the way.
One of the main things that I get from most Fool cards is a feeling that this guy knows no fear and this card is no exception. The Fool is a little like a toddler, he has no fear and goes through life with an optimistic, trusting attitude and because of this he doesn't fall when he steps off the cliff and he doesn't sink when he gets into this little boat, despite the rocks that are in his path.
Somehow when we look at this card, we just know he's going to be OK.

I don't really see that he's going againt the current because his boat is facing towards us and a waterfall is behind him but I do see the salmon going against the current whilst The Fool just does what Fools do and goes with the flow.

He has everything he needs as he starts his adventure tied up in the yellow and red spotted bag that he carries on a stick over his shoulder but maybe he doesn't realise that he has all he needs as he's a fool.

I love the way the boat is called 'The Serendipity'.
The Oxford English Dictionary says that serendipity means 'the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way'...
I think that is very appropriate for this card.

Edited to add an image of the card.
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