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Pearls of Wisdom ~ The Moon

Going through the deck for the 1st time The Moon card just captivated me.It's such an unique interpertation.

A woman in the night kneeling before her ritual table calling up energy with her wand. Lush grass and a tree (looks like a dryad) with what looks like buds forming in spring. We do have the fullmoon, but also the other phases! I reallylike this,it shows us the cyclical nature of the moon, and how each phase has it part and meaning.

There is a wolf and a dog, representing our untamed, wild nature and our more civilized rational persona. Reflected at the bottom is the night sky and moon phases again...a wonderful image. As above, so below. This image creates the effect she is in another realm completely....floating in dreamtime, in the cosmos. At least it gives me that impression. Or perhaps that the moon, no matter how beautiful is still only a reflection, and reflections can easily play tricks and lead to fantastical imaginings.

On the bottom right we have a crystal ball along with an open bag with runes scattered nearby. The runes shown are speaking of secret forces, questing for self-discovery, a major breathrough...nature and spirit being the catalyst. Above this we have a bag, to me it being a tarot bag immediatley came to mind, as we have divination items all grouped together. Divination is all about contacting our subconscioness, intuition....and usually dash or 2 of magic. It tells me that the answers I seek among the confusion the moon can create can be found through contacting the divine through tools.

On The left side of the card we have an incense burner, candle, a crystal down at the bottom...and does anyone know what that bowl is and what's in it?? I was thinking these elements represent the elements, but have no idea what the bowl with the crab on it is. Water? What's the white stuff?

Just looking at this image and the woman deep in ritual surrounded by the dark night I feel an instant rapport. After all the Moon card is about our subconscious, intuition, mystery,magic....the occult (among other things). The time out of time, dreamscapes. And doing ritual puts you in touch with all these states of awareness and ideas. I thought this was a very brilliantly inspired way of seeing this arcana.

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