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This is such a wonderful Moon card. I love the way Roxi Sim has made each card completely unique yet she's got the meanings spot on and then some

This card is magical and it's seems so special to me (and I suspect to you 6 Haunted Days) because I'm a user of lunar forces in magic myself.
I love what you've said about finding the answers amongst the confusion by contacting the divine through tools.

The reflection of the moon and showing it's phases is a master stroke I think and once again we have the Goddess of the land reclining just behind the tree.
A small crab sits by the woman's knee representing Cancer, this card's astrological sign.
The crab is seen again on the bowl you mention and I think it could be a scrying bowl and the 'white stuff' is actually the moon reflected in the surface of the water in the bowl.
I agree with you that the water in the bowl, the crystal ball, the incense burner and the candle represent the elements needed in ritual and in magic.

I've only a very basic knowledge of runes and I'm loving the way they are included in this deck, they add that little extra bit of meaning and they are so subtle that you can use them or ignore them if you like.

It's a gorgeous card, I wonder what spell she's casting
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