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Thoughts on the Moon Card

Thank you for pointing out tye Dyad/Tree Spirit. With all the swirls and candle light this card contains I didn't see her until you pointed her out.

The bag, crystal, bowl, candles et al. around the border of this card are repeated on the altar. Talk about detail - take a look at the (scrying?) bowl on the altar and the bowl on the border of the card. Both have a moon peeking through barren tree branches reflected on it's surface.

This version of the Moon card feels deep and introspective - a gathering of might for a purpose. Other Moon cards feel very differently - the subconscious surfacing but without direction or control. Baser instincts being freed. In the Pearls of Wisdom Moon card, the instincts feel more primal, less base, more like the instincts peculiar to Man, our heritage and legacy. Interesting that the 'Man' Rune (Mannaz) appears on the right border.
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