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Good thing that watering can is as high as it is, otherwise we'd have an 'Adults Only' card. hahaha

One man is touching the tree, watering her, looking up at her and smiling. He appreciates Nature. His side of the tree is blooming and leafy.

The other man appreciates what Nature provides - the end product he is holding and looking at. His side of the tree has pentacles on the branches but leaves falling.

Presumable both worked to prepare the field but they have different motives. I wonder if they could be different points in time. The man tends Nature, treats her well and in time harvests what he's helped bring forth. The seeds and furrows on one side/filled wheel barrow on the other supports this idea.

The tree is crowned by the Sun and dominates the card. The only water imagery is the watering can. The tree's expression is difficult to read - Mona Lisa-like.
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