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ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step SIX

Having driven myself crazy over step Five, in terms of coherently posting my findings in anything less than 40 pages of blah, I'm moving on to Step SIX. I recognize the great work that the others were able to share with that difficult and lengthy step. As I noted in my last post, I'm personally a bit shook over the lack of organization in the Fey tarot and I'll be more closely evaluating that deck as I move forward despite the fact that I've had great reading with it. I wonder if my level of discernment has improved due to these exercises.

Due to the changes in my life at this point, I'm adopting the HERMIT as my new card for study.

Here, we revisit Mode, Suit, Elements.

Step 6:3 We have questions to answer based on the text of pages 50 through 55. These steps help us to categorize our deck as a means of gaining an overview as to its focus and/or presentation.

Step 6:4 Here we describe our chosen card, following a given format. Then we expand this exercise and draw cards, following directions, that will provide us with a greater perspective of how our life is going relative to our chosen card. (This ought to be good)

Good luck to all. Dave.
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