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Pearls of Wisdom ~ 3 of Swords

I feel very drawn to this image and get a very intense feeling of sorrow, heartbreak and pain from it, but also a feeling of release and cleansing as well.

It's twilight in the deep of Autumn and a full moon looks down on this scene of sadness. The sky is an intense purple, blue and fuschia of a sunset after a thunderstorm, saying to me that the emotion of this card while destructive and scary can be a cleansing event too. The tree is shedding her leaves and looks melancholy with her eyes closed. The hill in the shape of the woman even looks distressed with a hand to her head. There is a waterfall to the right bringing it's cool, crisp refreshing waters rushing right past the man in the act of piercing the final sword in the heart (his heart?), there are 2 purple roses lying near the it. A fire burns vigorously beside him. The man looks resigned, mournful yet resolute. He either knows this has to be done, even though he has fought it, or actually sought it out...knowing there was no other way.The bleeding heart match those exactly of the twilight sky....the sun is setting in this's time has passed and it's time for it to die, to be pierced to get at the heart of the matter or relationship. The man has his other arm held close to his across his if in's his very own heart he is stabbing with those 3 swords. After the stalemate and indecision of the 2 he has finally taken action and even though the heartbreak is intense, it's also a huge relief and cleansing action. There are curls of smoke/ether/spirit? coming off one of the streams of blood. The spirit or soul being released from the broken and bleeding heart? To start anew?

The borders of this card have 2 bells on top, both have infinity symbols. When I saw these bells on the 3 of Swords, my 1st thought was "For whom the Bells Toll"...the ringing of churchbells in a funeral procession. The death knell. This definately the end of something, but the infinity symbols tell me that within death is life and it's a neverending cycle. Admist the image, the bells though making me think of death....give me hope as well. Bells can also symbolize the connection between heaven and earth, reflecting cosmic harmonies....they were believed to ward off misfortune and conjure good spirits. There is a burning candle beneath each of the bells speaking to me of enlightenment and illumination within the darkness and sorrow of this card.
There is a purple rose signifying sadness closed up on the left. The pearls are on the sword hilt and around the purple rose perhaps saying the wisdom to be found here is within the action taken with the swords....there are no runes on this card. On a side note I thought it interesting that the 3 of Swords in the Tarot of St. Petersburg has bells on it to!

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