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6 Haunted Days thanks for your beautiful description of this beautiful card. I particularly like what you say about the waterfall and the clean water rushing past this man as he pierces the heart, the water washes his troubles away.

This card says so much more than a heart with three swords stuck into it set against a stormy sky (I really don't like that RWS version and all it's copiers).

He looks as if he's finally putting something to rest, he's had enough and he's ready to move on.
I hadn't noticed the bells until you pointed them out but yes, 'for whom the bell tolls' seems really appropriate. I like to think of the Three of Swords as the thing that happens to break the uneasy peace and stalemate of the Two. A decision is made, things need to be said and are said, sorrow is felt (maybe) but it's needed in order to move past whatever has happened.

Fire is cleansing and transformative too so maybe the fire signifies that.

It's just occurred to me that all the elements are present so it's almost like a cleansing ritual, there is a finality there.
The heart is being pinned to the earth, the water from the stream passes by, the fire also cleanses and we can see the tendrils of smoke (air) coming from one of the swords.
Bells also represent the element of Air or even of Spirit in ritual.

Sorry if this post is a bit rambling
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