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For Dadsnook

Dave you are so right. That is why I took the time to really ponder this, and not just give up. I had to find out why dividing them by number did not really work. Sure I could make up something based on what I know about tarot, but that was not the point of the exercise. It was about getting to know MY deck. I may have an "F" on the exercise itself, but I do give myself an "A" for effort and for thinking through it and finding out how my deck works, versus why it did not fit this numbers exercise. Iguess that means I took option #5 on your list *LOL*.

As the Fantanstic Menagerie does not use esoteric symbolism, it conveys the conglomerate meaning of cards that do have all that symbolism in a single image that captures the meaning of those esoteric elements in one image without breaking it down. It simplifies it. I also find the Fey much like that (one of my other primary reading decks by the way).

I just love the variations in tarot decks. There is always something new to explore and learn
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