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The Bohemian Gothic Tarot Study Group (The Dark Sister) 1st and 2nd editions

What do you say we get the ball rolling on this Study group? I would like to start with just random pulls and whatever card gets pulled we can post our thoughts and comments on.

I am leaving it totally up to the individuals how they want to explore the deck. I like to look at the cards and note what I see in them before I read the companion book. If you like to read the book first that is entirely up to you. I also know that some people like to go through the deck in order that is fine too.

You may also like to tell a little story about the card like Baroli is doing in the reading forum and Dan does in the companion book. That is a great idea too!

I am also thinking of perhaps combining it with the Victorian Romantic since they are sisters. It would be interesting to do side by side comparisons. Anyone else have thoughts about that. I don't know if we would have to do something separate for that. I hope not.

So who is in? Let's get the ball rolling shall we?

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