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The Fool

The Fool

(Without first reading the accompanying book)

A full moon shines down upon part of a building that could be a church. It is on the right hand side of the card, with Gargoyles protruding to the left. On the closest gargoyle to the reader, a young person is balancing.

The pose is similar to the meditative stances practised by the Chinese. The child stands flat on one foot, with the other elegantly poised pointedly downwards. I must confess his hands are giving me an extremely creepy feeling; they seem to be positioned, ready to grab someone he has in his sight. (If his eyes were open).

The fool normally tells of innocence. Is this just an innocent child, contacting his spirit guides for help in the next phase of his journey?

Part of me feels he looks ready to pounce, even though hes high up. He seems to be mentally creeping up on someone. But who? Hes facing the left, the past and he has his eyes closed.

I personally feel hes saying goodbye to the past. He has positioned himself high above the town that no longer serves his needs and purposes and it is time to move on.

But why pick the dead of night to complete this ritual? Could he in fact be sleepwalking, and in great danger? I dont think so, because of all the precarious situations we see The Fool finding himself in, he never falls over the edge.

The moon conjures up pictures of sleepless nights and dreams good and bad whats the message that this moon is bringing to the boy?

Maybe its trying to hold him back. Telling him that he belongs here, and it wont let him go. Hes struggling to move on. Deep inside, he knows he must continue on his lifes journey. Will the moon win, and keep him from doing so?

It could. It could have invaded his better inclinations - after all, he is in a potentially dangerous position and he is The Fool.

Looking forward to seeing all your various views! Oh, and I've still not looked at the book.
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