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The Fool

I am sitting at my desk with no lights but for 3 candles. I have the perfect music in the background. To get a taste you can hear it here

I can't help but love these cards in candle light so that is how I will study them. I did my first reading and the Fool card came up as my secret fear so I have already developed a relationship with it. There is so much here that strikes a deep cord with me. Where do I start?

What stands out most to me is the cathedral. To me it is a symbol of authority and control. The fact that the Fool is stepping away from it is, I think, a positive thing. The fall that the Fool is just about to take the final step into darkness. His pose is very dramatic as he gets ready. This can be a very dangerous step. The Fool can't see what is to come. He is stepping away from 'salvation' if you will. The price he is willing to pay for freedom.

The moonlight in this card (and it does look like light in the silver edition) is dispersed throughout the clouds that fill the sky making the way even more 'cloudy'.

The meaning I take from this Fool is being ready to move into the unknown despite fears and hesitations. We leave what we know, our secure place for places unknown. There is a yearning here. Something drawing us to it. It is also about believing. Believing that there is something better out there. Someplace else we need to be.
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