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Originally Posted by Baroli
I just did a reading with this card and I saw him as someone who is about to make the biggest mistake of his/her life. Like getting involved with the wrong people, or the wrong career choice. Moonlight is a deceptor,so I am thinking maybe he is looking at this new opportunity as a dream come true maybe, but the moon' light is casting deceptive shadows all around.

Baroli, that's funny, I pretty much perceived the opposite. This is mostly due to my own personal feelings about the church in general. However you bring up a very important interpretation that I need to note. The other side of the coin.

Originally Posted by firefrost
Part of me feels he looks ready to pounce, even though hes high up. He seems to be mentally creeping up on someone. But who? Hes facing the left, the past and he has his eyes closed.
yes! I see this too. I did not notice his eyes were closed when I looked. Perhaps he is sensing his way. He seems to be pausing. Is he sensing something? Is he waiting for something to happen?
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