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I pulled the King of Wands. I see him as a conservatively dressed 18th Century Gentleman. Obviously a thinker, in comfortable circumstances. He is writing, taking notes from a book featuring " the Rude Man", a hill carving in England, who is nude and brandishes a club. On the wall there is a painting of a man brandishing a club, wearing an animal's skin, over his head and shoulders. At first I took the painting as being a Mithraic rite, a sacrifice by a priest of that time. (The book says it's Hercules, and connects these images to Freemasonry.)
Air of Fire, I think. He plans, he sees the big picture, nothing is accidental. Secretive, hidden...which connects to John Hancock, before the Declaration. A methodical man, patient in the way a hunter in winter is patient. He can leap from apparent stillness into full flaming action in a heartbeat. He believes the means are justified by the ends, is somewhat amoral, but committed to causes he considers greater than himself.
It is hard for me to trust him to truly serve the greater good, I see too much politician and too little honest passion in him. I would not want him to have much power in my life. But then, in fairness, this winter I am dealing with lots of issues around power and being manipulated, so it's a very sore spot.

So I laid out 3 more cards to try and understand this card, and in context with the next year.
I laid out:
This card does not mean this: 10 Pents
It means this: 7 Coins, AND this: High Priest.
The work and planning and study I've done to provide for & direct my world will pay off in 2008, in the material world. A comfortable year, I will have what I need. Ain't nobody going hungry in any of these cards, on any level. The study and work I have been doing with Tarot and spirituality will also manifest in a deeper & more fluent understanding of these things. that will be working in my life as a more grounded manifestation and ease with the world, on many levels. I will be reading deeper, my practice will increase, I will teach and I will write this year. Finally writing. These cards both connect me to the simple physical world as well, in that my health will be in harmony with the world I live in. Tradition furthers; I do not need to go Way Out There for treatments, etc. I'll do fine doing what I do now.

And along with that, wily-nilly, there is the leader stuff, where my Sag sun and Aquarius Rising gang up on me and the next thing you know I'm leading a mob to storm the Bastille wondering how I got to be the one Out In Front of all these people. It indicates to me that the little revolution I've been spearheading at work for most of the last year will succeed, to the betterment of all, and the harm of none.

The Revolution that the Kg W is preparing for is, first of all, within. This year it can manifest for me in the outside world as well. Finally!

Well. the stage for me, it's someone else's turn now. I'll be in the room with Julie in her party dress telling her that the gift is the one she gives all of us with her Art and her Mind.
Perhaps a little Hot Chocolate all around would be nice while we're waiting for the next person to post? With Gingerbread, of course.
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