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Hi, all!

I drew the Prince of Cups (Vernal Equinox).


My first thought was, "Oh, the card featuring the shallow, fickle knight. How delightful." But then I did allow as to how I tend to keep people at a distance, so it does fit me. And I do move from project to project, never really finishing one before I get caught up in starting something else.

Then another thought popped into my mind, about how I'd like to do more work on websites in my job, making them look better, more appealing. To me, that kind of fit the idea of the Prince in all his finery, looking his best for the ladies.

So perhaps my job this year, as I learn how to 'pretty up' programs and websites and make them more accessible, is to take off some of my own armor and let other people in. It sounds right that this is a card for 2008, because I think it will take me at least a year to do that!



P.S. Julie, I flashed on the idea of your 'inner child' when you were talking about your card. Perhaps your creativity is how you let your inner child out into the world. Our inner children may be noisy and unkempt in our heads, but when we are creative (when you paint, for example), you translate that childlike freedom and curiosity into a thing of beauty. Perhaps the present signifies how we have to keep unwrapping layers of ourselves to keep making progress in our endeavors -- and to keep in touch with that inner child.
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